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Stephen Baxter and Art-Deco Martians

Fellow Wellsian, Stephen Baxter, was interviewed last month for about his authorised sequel to The War of the Worlds entitled: The Massacre of MankindHis interview also contains a mention of last year’s superb anniversary events in Woking and a photograph of the Martian statue (which is definitely worth seeing if you’re ever in Woking… it’s hard to miss it!). It also features a YouTube video which is a recording of a lecture that Stephen gave in 2011 entitled “From Reality to Imagination,” which is certainly worth watching.


Read the article here.                         Watch the lecture here.



Wells in Woking 2017

Last Thursday saw the first annual Wells in Woking take place. The weather was pouring-down, but everybody was excited about seeing the street theatre which took place outside, under the covered entrance of Woking Borough Council. Bemused locals were aplenty as the audience were told to hold signs, which said things such as “The End is Nigh!”, and actors dressed as members of the public lay on the floor electrocuted by the Martians.

There was a panel discussion in the evening, which featured two award winning members of creative audio drama and the sculptors of the Martian statue and the Wells statue. There was also a “games jam” which took place in Guildford and involved teams making a Wells-inspired video game from scratch, which was then judged by people from the industry.


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